How Lone Star Stuff Was Born

So, how did Lone Star Stuff come to be? Well, I've had the entrepreneur bug for a long time. I started college courses in 2016, took a break and then back at it in 2018 with the aim of getting an AA in business management (done in December 2019), followed by a BA in the same. Maybe, if I'm still fired up, I continue on and get an MBA too. I've been working on developing personal goals recently as well, which kind of coincides with my burst of college learnin'.

One of those BHAG's (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) was to start a business, and after doing some research into what it takes to start one in Texas, I just did it. Granted, it's off to a slow start, but I reckon that's ok, since I'm still learning and capitol growth is slow right now. What I'm aiming at doing with the business is putting together a stable of craftsmen/artisans who make products with a Texas theme. Each will have their own "collection" that we sell on the Lone Star Stuff website. I plan to do the back of the house stuff, marketing, shipping, inventory control, etc. and let the craftsmen/artisans focus on making their products. I'd love to have Texas veterans who maybe work in leather, metals, glass, wood, or other materials join my team of craftsmen/artisans.

Eventually, we'll come up with a cause, some charity group that supports veterans in some way, once the business is growing and has a stead stream of revenue. Until then, it's focus on developing products that you'll enjoy while I enjoy the process of learning how a business is run.

That's the skinny on how Lone Star Stuff was born and why. I know that Texans love their state, and they love putting the Texas flag, the outline of Texas, and awesome Texas quotes on everything - cars, boats, Christmas trees, etc. I'm getting the company off the ground with some neat t-shirt and sticker designs, and more of those are coming soon. I'm exploring how we can make custom embroidered shirts (like polos and button-downs) and hats for you by the end of the year, with stock designs that you customize with your name, a military unit, the Texas city/town you love, etc. In the meantime, if you or someone you know has a hobby of making "stuff" that has a Texas theme, let me know. Maybe you're making something that we could sell on the website and get Texans excited about your stuff.

Thanks for taking the time to wade through all this. I hope it explains some of the back story for the company. If you have questions, suggestions, or just wanna say "Howdy!" please email me (, or go to the bottome of any page on this website and sign up for the newsletter.