Getting Started

Ok, we are tip-toeing up to the starting line here.  It has been quite the learning curve getting this site set up, coming up with shirt designs, getting the shirts made, and all the decisions that came with all that.  We've had fun going through the process.

So, you notice that there's only two t-shirts being offered as we kick off.  Yeah, we wanted to go with more but we're learning so we decided to go slow.  With just two designs, we could offer more of them at first, but there are several more designs in the works, so keep you're ears open!

Next bit of news: this is not a t-shirt business.  We are working on finding Texans that make items focused on our great state.  If you are one, let us know ( and let's talk.  I'm looking for leather goods, woodwork, glass, jewelry, whatever it is as long as it relates to Texas.  As I get these folks and their products on board, we'll add them to the site and make announcements.

Finally, for this blog post anyway, thanks for checking us out.  Even if you don't buy something, your interest is appreciated.  We at Lone Star Stuff are having a blast with this and we hope you enjoy it as we grow.