• Found First Craftsmen!

    Exciting news for Lone Star Stuff, we've found our first craftsmen.  I'll introduce them to you shortly, and then we'll start seeing new and beauti...
  • How Lone Star Stuff Was Born

    What I'm aiming at doing with the business is putting together a stable of craftsmen/artisans who make products with a Texas theme. Each will have their own "collection" that we sell on the Lone Star Stuff website. I plan to do the back of the house stuff, marketing, shipping, inventory control, etc. and let the craftsmen/artisans focus on making their products.
  • Back to School Sale - 15% Discount on Everything!

    15% on everything you buy from until midnight on September 1st.  Enjoy, y'all!
  • Try, and have no regrets...

    "I come up with 0.01% (rounded) that have become SF soldiers. And I was one of them. Not saying I was the best of them, and it didn't make me the greatest NCO or leader after SF either, but I did qualify, for a few years, to stand in the ranks of 0.01% of Americans who are physically, mentally, and emotionally tested like nothing else."
  • We added stickers!

    So, just four to get started, still waiting on delivery.  Thought we'd give you a preview of them.  We'll add a few more later.
  • Getting Started

    We are working on finding Texans that make items focused on our great state.  If you are one, let us know ( and let's talk.  I'm looking for leather goods, woodwork, glass, jewelry, whatever it is as long as it relates to Texas.