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Howdy, y'all!

Texas Veteran

After 22 years of travelling around the United States, Europe, and the Middle East, jumping out of airplanes, shooting all kinds of guns, getting to drive Army tanks, Bradleys, and trucks, and many other adventures, I settled down in my home state of Texas. Now, with the help of my daughters, we are embarking on another adventure as entrepreneurs.

Army Brats

These young Texas gals are a blast to be around. I'm so proud that they want to join me on this adventure of starting a business. Now in their late teens, they are the designers of the Windcrest Collection stuff and are learning what it takes to run a business.

Generations of Texans

I'm proud of my Texas heritage, just like you! My great-great grandfather, (sitting) arrived in the late 1800's and taught his son (standing) how to raise a family on a small ranch in northwest Texas.

Want something you don't see?

If there is a size, color, or other variation of one of our products that you would like, we want to know about it.  Or maybe you have a product idea that would send fellow Texans into a frenzy.  It would tickle us pink if you would send us your idea via customersupport@thelonestarstuff.com and we'll let you know what we can do. 

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